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Why Car Shipping Prices Rise (or Fall)

Many customers complain to us that pricing seems to rise or fall without any explanation. To us, it’s “business-as-usual”; pricing in the auto transportation world depends on all sorts of different things, and we’re just used to it. It’s easy for us to forget that our customers don’t live and breathe the industry, and wouldn’t […]

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How And Why I Treat Brokered Car Shipments Like They Are My Own

One of the first things I learned to use to my advantage when describing our service to snowbirds was the fact that we are a carrier, not just a broker. Prospective snowbird customers have told us plenty of stories of getting screwed by brokers, many of which just didn’t know what they were doing, and […]

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Common Words You’ll Hear When Shipping Your Car

This may not occur to most new customers at first, but you’re going to encounter a lot of new words when shipping your car. That’s right, there is a whole world of car shippers out there on the road speaking their own language. In fact, carriers use a lot of the same terms that have […]

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What If My Car Is Damaged During Transport?

Hopefully if you are about to ship your car, you are doing your research. One unfortunate possibility is that of damage to your vehicle. Damage can occur with anything you ship, and with your car’s sensitive exterior exposed to the elements, it is no exception. The good news is you are protected by the Bill […]

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Understanding How to Choose the Right Auto Transport Company

When you’re wondering how to pick the right auto transport company for you, it’s important to consider the type of service that you need. Are you a student that requires your car to be transported to a college you’ll be attending? Do you spend the winters down south and need your own transportation to get […]

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Shipping Your Car From New York to Florida

We get calls almost every day from people who are at their wits end looking for clear answers and honesty. Shipping a car to Florida seems like a simple task, right?  Get on Google, find the cheapest company you can, and move on! Unfortunately, there’s a good chance you’re signing up for guaranteed hardship with this method. […]

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Moving Companies

Moving Companies and Auto Transporters Working Together

Here’s a scenario: You’ve just gotten selected for your dream job as a highly paid whatever-you-love-to-do, and you’re ecstatic. But there’s a catch: the position means that you’ll have to make a major move 2,000 miles across the country. Newly inspired, and empowered by a hefty sign-on bonus, you’ve hired the best moving company in […]

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New York to California

Shipping Your Car from New York to California

Maybe you have found a better paying job across the country. If so, congratulations! If you have never shipped a car before, chances are that you are petrified about what might happen to your baby in transit. Once you go online and shop around for the best price, you might start to be bombarded with calls […]

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How Insurance Works in the Car Shipping Industry

Everyone shipping a car for the first time asks us the same question: “How does insurance work?” Car shippers have their own types of insurance policies; here is how it works in our business. In order to do business legally, a carrier must have a certain amount of liability and cargo insurance, which varies depending on […]

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