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Moving Companies and Auto Transporters Working Together

Here’s a scenario:

You’ve just gotten selected for your dream job as a highly paid whatever-you-love-to-do, and you’re ecstatic. But there’s a catch: the position means that you’ll have to make a major move 2,000 miles across the country. Newly inspired, and empowered by a hefty sign-on bonus, you’ve hired the best moving company in your area; they have all the newest equipment, years of experience, and well-vetted, qualified employees. You know for certain that they will get your personal belongings to your new home without issue.

Great! But how do you get you to your new home? Some might say they’ll drive, but the wear-and-tear isn’t worth it; nor is getting stuck on the side of the road in the middle of Wyoming on your way to your new life. So, you decide against driving, and you ask the people in charge of the rest of your move,

“Do you transport vehicles?”

And what do they say?


“Nope, too risky.”


This is the typical response. Most moving companies won’t ship cars, and all the major van lines quote auto transport moves at more than double market average. In the end, if you are relocating, chances are you are on your own when it comes to shipping your car. But some savvy moving companies have a trick up their sleeve: they’ve connected with a reliable auto transportation company that they know they can recommend. They know the value of being able to say “Yes,” when asked if they know someone trustworthy to move a customer’s car.


Our Moving Company Relationships


When I first came into our family’s auto transport office, I noticed customer service was getting a lot of referrals from a local moving company: Liberty Moving and Storage, a large and respected agent for United Van Lines.  One rep specifically, Gary, was sending a few clients our way each week. I asked our office manager at the time if anyone had called to thank him and find out why, in his own words, he sends so many customers our way. She said that we hadn’t; needless to say, I called Gary right there on the spot to listen to his story.

He was so happy I called that he went nuts talking about how he recommends to every client that they use Atlantic to ship their car because he knows we’ll always get the job done and treat his customers like family, the same way he treats them.  This guy was obviously passionate about what he does and truly goes out of his way to be valuable to his customers.  His motivation was never to get a kickback; never once did he call the office for a handout.  All he wanted was for his customers to have the peace of mind that their cars were in good hands, just like their personal belongings.

I asked Gary what else we could do to help him and his organization, and he invited us to visit the warehouse and meet the management along with the rest of the sales team.  We now value Liberty as one of our best clients; we’re proud to serve their customers, and they know it when they walk in the door.


Help Us Connect


Business relationships are the lifeblood of our company, and we’ll do whatever it takes to bring value to those relationships.  If you represent a moving company and believe we can bring value to you or your organization, reach out to us by phone or email for a chat.  If you are working with a local moving company and they will not recommend an auto transportation service, call Atlantic right now and give us a shot. If you have already completed the process but you would give both us and your moving company rave reviews, connect us (just tell us their name, give us a business card or the like), and we’ll thank you with a gift card immediately.